Labels are a feature to tag test cases and test sequence. Test cases and test sequences can be filtered by the labels they use.

Managing labels

To open the “Manage Labels” dialog, click on the “Test Cases” button in the navigation bar. Then click on the wrench icon next to “Labels”.


This button opens the “Manage Labels” dialog

Labels can be added, edited and deleted in the “Manage Labels” dialog.


“Manage Labels” dialog

Adding labels

To add a new label click on the “New Label” button on the left. This will reset the “Add Label” dialog.


Adding a label

The Adding dialog:
  1. The desired label name is entered here.
  2. The desired label description is entered here.
  3. The desired label color can be selected here.
  4. A preview of how the label will look like is shown here.
  5. This button adds the label to the label list and saves it.

Editing labels

Selecting a label in the label list opens an editing dialog that looks similar to the adding dialog. The label name, description and color can be changed here and a label deletion can be started here. To apply the changes click on the “Save” button.


Editing a label

Deleting labels

To delete a label, first open the label editing dialog and click on the “Delete” button. This will open a confirmation dialog. Clicking on the “Delete” button confirms the deletion.


Confirmation dialog

Label Filtering

To filter the test case list with labels click on the “Test Cases” button in the navigation bar. Then click on the labels under “Labels” to filter the list.


The clickable filter labels

To remove labels from the filter click on the “x” of the label.


This button removes the label from the filter list